Which is better? Wool Vs Acrylic

The choice of whether to opt for a synthetic fibre or a natural one is one faced nearly every time we want to purchase a new addition to our home or wardrobe. When it comes to warmth, quality, and durability, there’s only one clear choice: wool. Man-made fibres like acrylic often fall short in texture, longevity, and environmental impact. 

Are wool and acrylic the same?

Side by side, acrylic could be mistaken for wool by the look and feel. After all, acrylic was created to mimic the properties of wool, and can be lightweight, soft and warm - but that’s where the comparison ends. 

Which is warmer, wool or acrylic?

We all know by now that wool is wonderful for keeping us warm. The unique structure of the fibre allows the fabric to create air pockets, forming a natural barrier against heat loss. This barrier does allow moisture to escape, meaning you won’t get sweaty under a wool blanket or scarf. 

By comparison, acrylic does keep you warm to some extent, but it also traps moisture next to the skin which can lead to discomfort (and potential odour issues - no thank you!). Talk about clammy, eh?

Is acrylic eco-friendly?

Acrylic is man-made, whereas wool is naturally occurring. Acrylic production requires extensive energy consumption and the fibre itself is non-renewable, but wool, on the other hand, is natural, biodegradable and has a smaller ecological footprint. Thank you, sheep. 

Does wool last longer than acrylic?

Wool surpasses acrylic in terms of durability and longevity. Wool fibres are naturally strong and elastic, making them resistant to wear and tear. Wool garments can withstand repeated use and maintain their shape and structure for years, ensuring excellent value for money. Conversely, acrylic fibres are more prone to pilling, stretching, and losing their shape, resulting in a shorter lifespan and a less polished appearance over time.

Should you choose wool or acrylic?

Wool is the clear winner when it comes to wool vs acrylic. Not only does it look better than its man-made counterparts, but its aesthetic appeal sets it apart from lesser fabrics like acrylic and polyester. 

  • Wool provides warmth and comfort, but also style.
  • Wool is long-lasting and an investment in quality.
  • Wool is naturally occurring and biodegradable, whereas acrylic is man-made and harmful to the environment.