TBCo. X Martha Brook: 6 Ways to Make a Cosy Home Office For Winter

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 The days are getting colder and the nights are getting darker, which can mean only one thing: the cosiest months of the year are here! Leaving the comfort of bed and sitting down at your desk can start to feel more difficult as the mornings get chillier (and if it is still dark when you’re waking up!) so our friends at Martha Brook have put together some tips to make your home office setup that little bit more cosy and inviting as we creep towards the end of the year. 

Tidy up your workspace

First things first, it’s important to get your space organised to make it the most inviting place it can be! Even though keeping your desk tidy can seem like a never-ending task sometimes, there are a couple of small things you can add to make it much easier! A pen pot to stop you from scattering your favourite pens all over the place, or a letter rack to keep your papers neat and tidy are some easy additions to help keep on top of things. 

cosy work from home office  

Make it comfy

Comfy and cosy go hand in hand, so one of the best ways to cosy up your home office setup is by making sure you’re as comfortable as can be! Whether that’s with a cosy blanket to throw over your knees whilst juggling zoom meetings, or making sure that your favourite pair of slippers or woolly socks are there on standby to keep your toes toasty! Popping a rug under your feet or a cushion to your office chair can really warm up a room – soft textures make a space feel less harsh, which is exactly what we need in the colder winter light.

 cosy blanket on chair

Bring a little nature in

When the leaves are starting to fall off the trees outside, it is the perfect time to start bringing some greenery inside. Plants don’t just have to be for summer, and they can have some amazing mood-boosting benefits during the darker days. Houseplants can actually help to reduce stress by up to 40%, which is exactly what we could all use in the lead up to the festive season! A lovely autumnal bunch of dried flowers in a pretty vase can also make the perfect seasonal addition to a desk, just as beautiful as a bunch of fresh flowers and they last a lot longer too.

Add small touches for comfort

The number one rule - always have your hot drink of choice to hand and always have it in your favourite mug (and of course, a pretty coaster to keep your desk looking pristine). This is especially important when the days are getting colder - it doesn’t matter whether you’re a tea person, a coffee person, or a hot chocolate person, a good cup of something hot on your desk to warm your hands and your soul is always a good idea. 

 mugs on desk with teapot

Think about your lighting

Take time to consider the lighting you are using in your space – it is so important in winter to optimise the amount of natural light you get as the days get shorter. Try to situate your desk close to a window if you can, and really make the most of the morning light or use a light therapy box to mimic sunlight and trick your brain into producing more of the happy hormones sunlight usually provides us. Because really, humans are just like big plants – we need light to grow!

Choose your stationery

As winter approaches, a new year is in sight and it’s a brilliant time to hunker down and plan lots of things to look forward to. A Life Planner, new Diary or Gratitude Journal will help inspire you for the year to come and help with productivity and self-kindness. They'll also look pretty good left on your desk too.

 year planner on desk


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