TBCo Looks Good on Patricia Rodi: Letting Your Home Evolve & Grow

interior design tips from @patriciarodi

Welcome to our TBCo Looks Good On You Series, a collection of interviews with inspiring people from our TBCo community sharing styling tips for home and fashion, as well as insights into how they "share warmth" with themselves and those they love. From favourite hobbies, to family gatherings, to trips around the world, join us as we find out what tiny things in life give us the same feeling as a piping hot latte on a cold winter afternoon!
This month, we are joined by Patricia, otherwise known as interior genius and content creator @patriciarodi. Patricia inspires us daily with her beautiful take on sustainable home style - so let's see what else there is to know about her! 

Tell us a little about yourself? 

Patricia here, born with wanderlust in my feet and soul, an interior and digital creator. I grew up in leafy Gothenburg, Sweden to my French father and Czech mother, but now I live in the Scottish countryside. I started my interior career when my partner and I bought a renovation project in late 2019. We renovated and designed the space by ourselves and since then I've really developed my love for interiors and styling, which is now a full-time career.


Can you tell us a little about what inspires your interior design? 

My family is scattered around different places and countries. I have family in Nice, San Remo, Prague, Gothenburg, and now Scotland. My interior and style are heavily influenced by my multicultural background and especially my childhood memories; the French antiques and Italian tiles in my father’s restaurant. The feeling of comfort, of old wooden chairs and tables, there to be used, spilt on, eaten on, and lived in. The French, Swedish and Czech people I was observing, and those women whose lives I marvelled at.

I like to create spaces that give some homage to those memories, incorporate some of the elements from my childhood and build a room with items that hold some importance.

interior design styling tips from Patricia Rodi

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Can you share your top tips for decorating your home sustainably?

Design for longevity and flexibility, and don't be afraid of incorporating antique furniture and organic materials that have a low environmental impact. The best thing about finding antique decor is that you'll truly create a unique home. 
But the most important tip for decorating your home sustainability is to use what you have. You don't have to buy new items to create a new look. I love to move furniture around from different rooms in the house, using what I have instead of buying new things to satisfy the urge of change. It has really taking me a long time to be at peace with the idea that a home is constantly evolving and never finished decorative-wise. Maybe this is a reflection of what life is like. Life is constantly evolving, and we as humans change throughout our life cycle. A home is similar to that because we as humans live in it, spend time in it and evolve in it. Therefore, letting our homes grow and evolve over time, just like us, is part of life. 

What are your goals for 2023 - if any? 

I rarely set new years goals for myself, but this year I want to adopt a senior dog (and move house!). 

interior design tips with patricia rodi

Do you have a favourite TBCo. product? How would you style it? 

I really love the Lambswool Blanket in Blush Gradient Check and the Cherry Blossom Check patterned blanket - the colour combination is romantic decadence and I love throwing it on the sofa with some striped pillows or nicely folded over a bed. 

What does the phrase ‘share warmth’ make you think of?

It makes me think of my mother's wooden kitchen table, that followed me from her house through my youth and with me to Scotland. Life unfolded round that table, the discussions about life, food making, home-work done, covered in pasta sauce, crowded parties with friends and alone writing hours - the feeling of home, comfort and warmth. 
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You can find Patricia over on Instagram or check out her styling blog!