How to upgrade your working from-home set-up

A home office is our space to feel productive when working remotely. It’s where we go to focus, free of distractions, on our jobs, hobbies, studies and the like. Regardless of whether you have a dedicated space in the house or use a desk in the corner of your bedroom, setting up your home office can be practical as well as stylish; functional as well as fashionable. 

Choosing where to work from home

Before you can decorate your study, you need to find a place for your office.  Creating different zones in your home allows you to set up each space appropriately.

Think about how you want to feel when you’re working from home - motivated, productive, creative, inspired. What makes you feel this way? Where in your house can you feel this way? If your family or roommates are constantly in and out of your kitchen, that could be distracting. If you’ve got a spacious alcove in your bedroom, a desk might be the perfect fit. 

In an ideal world, everyone working remotely would be able to have a spare room in their home that could be converted into a study. However, the same effect can be achieved by having an assigned area of a bedroom, kitchen or living room for you to work from. 

How to decorate a home office

How you design your office is a matter of personal taste, but there are a few essentials we think everyone should have; a sturdy desk with plenty of storage, a chair that supports you and encourages better posture, and easy access to plug sockets for your laptop, phone, electronics etc. 

Then comes the fun part; decorating your office. It’s the little touches that really set the mood for a space, and your home office is no different. 

Home office accessories

You want your home office to be practical and functional - but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. 

You can go as big and as bold as you like; if you’re a maximalist then prints of your favourite artwork, motifs painted on your walls and a fun-shaped rug will make your space enjoyable to work in. Your home office shouldn’t be distracting, but you know what works for you. A minimalist might opt for savvy storage options, and keep the desk clutter to a minimum. 

We follow the rule of the three S’s here at TBCo; each room should have its own distinct sound, scent and softness. 

Working from home blanket

A knee blanket is a must-have for those working from home. Even in summer, sitting at a desk for long periods can make you feel cold as your circulation slows down. First and foremost we recommend taking short but frequent standing breaks to keep your body moving, but when you’re deep into a task and have noticed a drop in temperature, a blanket draped over your knees can keep you feeling warm. Lambswool is great for trapping heat, so when winter comes around you won’t need to turn up the thermostat when working from home - just grab your small blanket and settle in. 

The best thing about a blanket is that it can be swapped out seasonally too - bright bold checks and ginghams remind us of summer but can be switched out for a traditional tartan blanket in autumnal colours in the latter half of the year. Swapping accessories can make it feel like you’re in a brand-new space for a fraction of the cost! 

What music should I listen to when working from home?

Music can really set the vibe - but let’s face it, the latest dance track might not be the best for focusing on an important project (but definitely helps with the motivational vibes!). It’s all about different tunes for different moods in our opinion. 

For example - and excuse us for getting all science for a second - a 2009 study found that classical music helped increase focus and concentration. Listening to music without lyrics is also less distracting, and can be as energetic as you like. Either way, music has been found to produce positive emotions in the brain, can reduce anxiety and improve focus. Pump up the jam, we say.

The best scents for your home office to boost productivity

The last of our three S’s: scent. You’d be surprised at how much of a role scent can play in affecting our mood (we were surprised, anyway). A little bit of aromatherapy goes a long way, and there are many ways you can boost productivity through scent, including room sprays, essential oils, candles and reed diffusers. 

Citrus scents have been found to reduce stress levels, and science has also told us that those who work in lemon-scented areas make 54% fewer errors. You could say, lemon is simply the zest. Too far?

Lavender may be associated with sleep and the bedroom, but that’s because the scent is perfect for relaxation and reducing stress levels. When you’re relaxed, you’re less irritable and more likely to focus, so next time you’re getting frustrated when working from home, light a lavender candle and feel your stress melt away.