3 ways to create zones for your home

It feels like now, more than ever, we’re spending more time at home. Our space should be reflective of who we are - our style, our personality - but should also be functional, and work for us. Zoning your home into specific areas can help create boundaries in your living space- especially if you’re working from home. Each room in your home has its purpose, and it doesn’t have to take much to give your rooms a refresh.

Organise your house and rooms by zones

The first step in creating a zone for your home is to divide up your living space - if you’re in an open-plan apartment, decide which areas you want for working, sleeping, dining and relaxing. For bigger homes, it’s as simple as deciding which room to have as your home office, bedroom, living room etc. Once you’ve determined each room’s intention, then the fun begins.

Pass the vibe check for each room

Creating zones in your home relies on the vibes each area gives off. For a home office, you need structure and functionality - a space where you’re supported in your productivity. Bedrooms on the other hand are sanctuaries of sleep, so need to be softer and more relaxing areas in your home.

Decide on your decor

Once you know which space serves which purpose, and what vibes each room should have, it’s time to decorate. Soft furnishings, cushions and savvy storage can help you create zones in your home - and the right decor can elevate any living space.

When creating zones in your homes, follow the three S’s that we live by here at TBCo (so you know they’re tried and tested): sound, scent and softness.

Boss your working-from-home set-up

Arguably the most important zone in the house for those who work from home, the home office is where you will be spending most of your weekdays. It’s so important to make this space as comfortable as possible, while also remaining functional.

We want to feel motivated when working remotely, so touches like a desk lamp, stationary organiser and a storage bin will help you feel more productive- especially if your office space is shared with another room in the house, like the bedroom.

If you are doubling up room use, then creating zones is even more important - don’t sleep where you work and whatnot. Our expert sources (the TBCo team) tell us that having space in a shared workspace is best for your working-from-home set-up, and your sanity. Use partitions and room dividers around your desk to create a dedicated office area.

Stay warm while working from home

Softness: Whether you have a specific room for your home office or your desk is in your bedroom, creating softness in your space is one way to add comfort without compromising on function. A small blanket is great for draping over the back of a desk chair and keeping you warm when there’s a nip in the air.

Scent: How do you want your home office to feel? Uplifting but motivating, right? A mood-boosting scent like citrus, basil, or peppermint can improve productivity, and even improve your cognitive function.

Sound: Your ‘Get pumped for the gym’ playlist is probably setting the wrong tone for your work day - music in your office space can lessen anxiety, improve focus and increase morale, but music with lyrics can be less effective in helping concentration. Instead, bang on some Beethoven, or work to white noise for optimal focus.

Living room refresh ideas

The living room is the heart of the home - it’s where most of us come to unwind after a long day, hot drink in hand. It’s a hub for family gatherings, catching up with pals, and binge-watching the latest Netflix show.

Not to brag, but we know a thing or two about creating a trendy but comfy living zone in your home. Your living room is where you can let your killer personality shine, through textures, patterns and accents that just scream you. The best part? You don’t have to do your own rendition of 60-Minute Makeovers whenever you want to do a refresh. By changing cushion covers, updating accessories and swapping out your scents, it’ll feel like a brand-new space.

Softness: Okay, real talk. We still aren’t over just how versatile blankets are. Decoration? Perfect for draping over an armchair. Functionality? A fancy word for saying it’s great at keeping you warm. Conscious? Sustainably sourced blankets can be as good for you as they are for the planet. Express yourself by choosing a style that suits you, whether you love a modern check or a traditional tartan.

TBCo’s Lead Design Specialist, Jade, says: “I like to use blankets like I do prints on my wall; like art, that can be switched up depending on mood and season. They’re the ultimate functional accessory to add texture and colour to any space and complement existing colours schemes and patterns in the room. Keep in mind that blankets, just like cushions, act as accent elements, so they don’t have to match the room exactly and can really add artistic flair.”

Scent: The aroma you choose for your living room depends on the mood you want to set – but in our opinion, a warm atmosphere is a welcoming one. Scents like oats, honey, and pomegranate are subtle and won’t be distracting, but will make your living room smell great.

Sounds: Honestly, because the living room is such a versatile space, the music you listen to is completely dependent on your mood. Slow Sunday mornings can be soundtracked by music to help you unwind, or if you need a mood boost then a throwbacks playlist might be for you.

Easy bedroom upgrades for that ‘I woke up like this’ feeling

Our favourite room, the bedroom. Where the magic (of wool) happens. Our bedrooms are our safe havens, where we can truly let go of the day and sink deep into slumber, so it’s important to get this particular zone just right.

Again, there’s no need to go Homes Under The Hammer for a bedroom reno - a little makeover is all you need to feel like you’ve created a new, calming, safe environment for you to rest your head. Bedding, blankets and little touches like baskets can breathe new life into your bedroom.

Wool For Sleep

It’s the worst-kept secret around the TBCo office - wool is a miracle material for sleeping. It’s proven to help you fall asleep faster and for longer, with fewer interruptions throughout the night from overheating or being too cold. We’re so impressed by how amazing wool is for a restful night’s sleep, we wrote an entire blog about it. You are welcome.

Bedroom refreshes ideas

Softness: You know what’s coming - we’re going to tell you how a blanket can change your bedroom space - but it’s so true! The design possibilities are truly endless - you can choose patterns for a bold, trend-led aesthetic, or go with something softer like a Recycled Wool waffle blanket for texture and warmth. Speaking of warmth, putting on a pair of cashmere socks before bedtime not only helps regulate your body temperature - super important for optimal sleeping conditions - but they look great, and feel even better. Cosy toes are a must.

Scent: Lavender is famous for its relaxing scent - even smelling a lavender candle before you go to bed can help you sleep sounder at night. Lavender is said, by science, to relax muscles, reduce anxiety and prepare your body for slow-wave-sleep / deep sleep.


Sound: Sleep meditations work wonders on calming your mind and preparing it for a truly restful sleep, but if music is more your speed, then soft sounds like piano, sound bowls and binaural beats will help calm you down and get ready for bed.