What your star sign says about your personal style

We’ve all been there, searching our astrological chart to find out what our zodiac sign says about our personality, what music we’re interested in and, now, which TBCo product matches your star sign. 

This is your style based on your zodiac sign

To celebrate the launch of our new star sign embroidery, scroll below to find out what suits you most depending on what your astrology chart says! 

What to wear for Fire Signs

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are people of action, with high energy and a go-getting dynamic. For a sign that is so passionate and creative, a Triangle Scarf is the perfect fit for you. 

Always on the lookout for the next big thing, a Triangle Scarf will take you from season to season and is an effortless way to update your outfit so you can concentrate on your next big passion project.

Best blankets for Earth Signs

The Taurus, Virgos and Capricorns of the world are our earth signs. Known for being loving, artistic and practical, the humble wool blanket suits your down-to-earth personality perfectly. 

Good-natured and calm, your personality is perfectly paired with the reliability of a favourite blanket. Earth Signs are known for being tactile and in touch with their senses, so a textured blanket will help keep you grounded.

Timeless style for water signs

Water Signs are an intuitive group of the zodiac chart - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces - and they like their home comforts. Sensitive and sentimental, Water signs tend to be connected to the moon - which is a convenient segue into nighttime and pyjamas

A pair of perfect pyjamas suit Water Signs wonderfully, whether you’re looking to catch up on beauty sleep or want something comfortable to wear in your home. Stylish, soft and snug, just like water signs. 

Which accessory suits Air Signs?

Geminis, Libras and Aquarius are the big thinkers of the zodiac, and are amazing conversationalists and as well as great communicators. Because Air Signs are always on the move and seeking adventure, a Mohair Scarf suits them best. 

Incredibly detail-oriented, the finishing touches are important for Air Signs, and what better finishing flourish on a well-put-together ensemble is there than a beautifully designed scarf that showcases your personality? 

Personalised gifts for zodiac signs

Whether you’re after a timeless touch for your home, your style, or buying a gift for the astrological friend in your life, make it personal with zodiac embroidery. Choose from twelve different star sign symbols or opt for a sun, moon, or stars, and share warmth that’s out of this world.