TBCo x Jess Anne: As Seen on BBC's Make it at Market

Jess Anne scarf from make it at market



Discover vibrance, joy and style with the TBCo x Jess Anne Collaboration. Following Jess’s success on BBC's Make it At Market, we’ve teamed up to create a scarf with colour, craftsmanship and confidence at its core. Woven from 100% natural and sustainable lambswool, add brightness and warmth to your winter wardrobe.

jess anne from make it at market BBC Jess Anne is a textile designer and colour enthusiast from the UK, who currently runs her own business creating handwoven, sustainable (and very colourful) products from her home in Broadstairs.

Read on to find out more about the TBCo x Jess Anne exclusive collaboration.  

Designed by Jess Anne, and created in partnership with the TBCo team, the TBCo x Jess Anne scarf is woven from 100% natural and sustainable lambswool.

1. What was the inspiration behind your designs? Is there anything in particular that motivates or inspires you when it comes to your design choices?

Colour is at the heart of everything I do. I want my designs to represent the endless possibility with colour and every pattern to be the embodiment of contemporary design whilst honouring the traditional craft the designs derive from. Inspired by location, I take naturally or traditionally occurring colour palettes and enhance each shade to create vibrant combinations for those that want to express themselves through their wardrobe.  

2. How do you want people to feel when they're wearing the scarf? Fashionable? Safe? Warm? 

When people wear this scarf I want them to feel confident and stylish! I want the colours to inspire wearers to feel brave in their own skin and show the world who they are! 

3. If you could describe the TBCo x Jess Anne design in three words, what would they be?

Vibrant, Fresh & Modern.

 Jess Anne scarf from Make it At Market TV ShowJess Ann scarf design from make it at market

Make sure to watch Jess Anne's Make It At Market episode over on BBC iPlayer and shop the TBCo x Jess Anne scarf now!