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Say hello to Graham St. Run by British stylist Hannah (with some modelling help from her amazing Mum), Graham St. showcases fashion inspiration for women over the age of 30 through their social media and styling blog. Having worked with Hannah collaboratively in the past, we loved her passion for bridging the generational gap that is so often seen in the fashion world, and we wanted to find out more. So, grab yourself a latte and settle on the sofa, let's learn a little more about Hannah and Graham St. 

Tell us a little about yourself and Graham St.? 

I am a fashion stylist and have been for the last 16 years. My career started in magazines but have spent the majority of that time as a celebrity stylist, dressing TV presenters. Graham St was born out of a distinct lack of style inspiration for women over 30, which seemed ridiculous to me. I wanted to create a warm space for women of all ages to come to for inspiration.

You told us that Graham St. started because of a lack of age representation in styling, can you tell us why you think it is important for all women to have style inspiration? 

Style inspiration, regardless of age, is hugely important as I think that looking good often goes hand in hand with feeling good. Women above a certain age can be made to feel invisible and that absolutely should not be the case. Some of the most stylish women that I know are well over 40! With age comes understanding, and once you understand yourself more, you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

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What is it like working as Mother and daughter? 

Above all, really fun!  I feel very lucky to be able to work with my mum.  We also work with one of my oldest friends, Alex.  Alex is a photographer and takes our pictures.  Mum and I have known her since she was 11.  To be honest, when we are shooting for Graham St we spend most of our days giggling.

Would you say that your Mum has inspired your own style?

Mum has never been into clothes in the way that I am but what she has always had is an innate sense of ease in clothes.  She wears clothes extremely well and always looks comfortable.  So much of style is about comfort, which can feel counter intuitive when you think about the fashion industry at large but if you consider the greatest style icons, they always look extremely comfortable within their own style.

Hannah and her Mum are pictured wearing our Lambswool Oversized Scarf in Moss Gingham and our Lambswool Oversized Scarf in Orange Stripe Check. Photographed by Alex Mooney. 

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Do you have a favourite project that you have worked on together? 

Yes, we did a shoot with a brand in York.  My family and I lived just outside York for 10 years and it is where Alex and I met.  Mum used to pick us up from the school gates and now we're all working together!  

Can you describe first your own style, then your Mum’s style in only three words?

Mum – effortless, comfortable, chic

Me?  You’d have to ask mum!

What are your top 3 tips for instantly elevating your outfit?

Shoes can make or break an outfit.  A very simple outfit with a great pair of shoes looks considered and stylish.

Think about the detail of an outfit.  A simple monochromatic outfit can be elevated into something much more interesting with the addition of a bright sock, or a beautiful scarf or a great pair of earrings.

It sounds quite obvious but if you wear a lot of jeans and trousers - as mum and I do - make sure that they fit really well.  Take time in finding the perfect pair that are well cut and flattering. 

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What from TBCo would you give as a gift for mother’s day? What would you request for yourself?

I was actually introduced to the TBCo by my sister in law, Kate.  A few years ago, she gave both my daughters scarves with their names embroidered onto them.  I thought that they were so sweet – and no arguments over who's whose!  So a personalised scarf or blanket would be a gorgeous gift for Mother’s day, to receive or to gift.

You can follow Graham St. over on Instagram or check out their styling blog right here! Looking for your own Mother's Day gift inspiration? Take a look at our Mother's Day Edit.
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