TBCo Looks Good in @ourhebehome: Creativity in Small Spaces

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Welcome to our TBCo Looks Good On You Series, a collection of interviews with inspiring people from our TBCo community sharing styling tips for home and fashion, as well as insights into how they "share warmth" with themselves and those they love. From favourite hobbies, to family gatherings, to trips around the world, join us as we find out what tiny things in life give us the same feeling as finally being able to hang our laundry up outside!

This month, we are joined by Hanna: content creator behind @ourhebehome. We are big fans of Hanna's beautiful interior style, using her Instagram page when we need a dose of neutral interior inspiration. Join us to find out Hanna's top tips for sustainability, small spaces & home style! 

We want to know more about you, tell us a bit about yourself? 

Hello, my name is Hanna and I am the ‘H’ in Our ‘HEBE’ Home. I live in a small, 1930’s terraced house in West London with my husband and two daughters (they’re the ‘EBE’). My love for interiors started early with me redecorating my childhood bedroom numerous times. Thankfully, my parents were very patient and understanding of my developing style and allowed me to experiment how I liked. There was a white and red theme at one point but I’m pleased to say that didn’t last long! I’ve always had a creative side and studied Art & Design at school, then went on to get a degree in Spatial Design at Central St Martins. After graduating, I worked in content agencies and put my organisational and people skills to the test in account management roles which I absolutely loved. I’m currently a full time mum to my two lovely girls but my Instagram account gives me that escapism I crave.

Your home is so beautiful, what is your inspiration behind the design? 

Thank you so much! I don’t think I can pin it down to one thing. I feel that ultimately, you can be inspired by anywhere from restaurants to hotels, gardens and stately homes. When we converted our loft and renovated the first floor in 2020, naturally I did turn to Pinterest and Instagram. They are both  brimming full with so many amazing ideas, although it can be quite overwhelming to hone down to a concise design idea which also reflects you.
My home style has continued to evolve since completing the renovation. I feel I am so much more comfortable and confident with my tastes and what I like in our home.

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All images credited to @ourhebehome. 

Can you share your 3 top tips for those of us who want to elevate our smaller living spaces? 

Embrace the size! My childhood home was a little Victorian cottage but it wasn’t until much later on that I really appreciated the joy of cosy living. It’s really opened my eyes in creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere and making the most of the space that we have. 
Don’t allow a small space to limit your creativity; you can go light and airy or moody with deeper tones and patterns. Ultimately, it’s all trial and error so don’t be disappointed if things don’t immediately come together. Remember that homes take time and just enjoy the process as you go along.
I find that decluttering/having storage solutions really helps in organising our home (and toys!) but most importantly, it keeps my mind clear and focused.


Sustainability is super important to us at TBCo, how do you incorporate items with longevity when decorating your home? 

Collecting family heirlooms and second hand pieces is an absolute essential for me when it comes to adding decor to my home. They not only add that sentimental or vintage touch but instantly elevate that empty shelf, corner or wall. My grandfather was a keen artist so I am very lucky to have a number of his paintings around our home. They are so special and are such a talking point. Charity shop visits have also recently become a staple for me. As our home is small, I tend to stick to sourcing decor or artwork, as opposed to furniture but there are so many great pieces out there on Facebook Marketplace, antique fairs and car boot sales. 

neutral home interior styling inspiration 

Do you have a favourite TBCo. product? How would you style it in your home?  

At the moment, I have the waffle blanket in a soft camel tone and it has not left our bedroom since I unpacked it! Its casually thrown across the end of the bed during the day and is the cosiest and most comforting layer when it's chillier in the evenings. 

What does the phrase ‘share warmth’ make you think of?

This phrase instantly brings back memories of my grandmother’s food. She was Polish and would cook traditional and wholesome yet beautifully prepared meals. By the way she chopped, sliced and simmered, you could clearly see not only how much she enjoyed cooking but how much she loved cooking for us. She passed some of her recipes onto me and I love to recreate them. I can often hear her in my ear to add a touch more seasoning or cut that onion a little finer.

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