TBCo is Celebrating B Corp Month

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What does it mean to be B Corp certified?

A B Corp is a certification that recognises businesses that meet stringent standards in various areas, including social and environmental impact. It is similar to certifications like Fair Trade for coffee or USDA Organic for milk, but for businesses as a whole. B Corp Certification is not just a badge; it signifies a commitment to continuous improvement and positive change.

What is B Corp Month?

Each March marks B Corp Month, when the global B Corp Community comes together to celebrate using business as a force for good and highlight the values that define being a B Corp. It's a chance to come together and prove that you can balance being profitable and benefiting people and the planet. It should never be an "either/or"! Hopefully, B Corp Month inspires more businesses to join the movement and become B Corp certified, inviting external accountability into their sustainable intents. 

Why did TBCo become B Corp Certified? And what was the journey like?

We're super proud to be certified as a B Corp for one year now, showcasing our commitment to social and environmental performance, public transparency, and accountability. B Corp certification wasn't just a goal, it was a formal recognition of our existing commitment to social and environmental responsibility. It also set a roadmap for improvement, holding us accountable and guiding us towards becoming an even greater force for good.

This commitment isn't just on paper, it's embedded in our culture. From responsible sourcing and net-zero plans to sustainable product development and supply chain management, every decision prioritises people and the planet.

But we know there's always room to grow. The B Corp journey highlighted areas where we can improve, and we're actively addressing them. Our journey isn't over; it's just begun. You can read more about our B Corp assessment here.

Beyond internal changes, B Corp has also given us a platform to inspire others. By openly sharing our experiences and values, we're sparking conversations across the industry, and encouraging other businesses to join the movement towards a more sustainable and impactful future.

Celebrating TBCo's Positive Impact

2023 was an exciting year full of positive impacts. Here are some things we're celebrating:

  • B Corp Certified: Becoming B Corp certified for one year with a score of 88.6 points This certification affirms our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, ensuring every decision we make prioritises people and planet.
  • Saved a million garments from landfill: Each TBCo Recycled Wool Blanket saves an average of 6 garments from landfill, and we estimate we hit the 1 million mark last year! That's right, TBCo recycled wool blankets are estimated to have saved around 1 million garments from landfill.
  • Amplifying our Impact Together: Since 2020, 2% of every TBCo purchase has been donated to positive impact charities. Last year, we surpassed £400,000 in total donations! Your conscious choices have supported the vital work of over 40 charities like Cool Earth, Ocean Generation, WWF, and many more, directly contributing to a better world.

As we celebrate B Corp Month, we reaffirm our commitment to driving positive change and making a difference in the world. Join us in recognising the importance of sustainable business practices and the impact they can have on our planet and society.

How is TBCo celebrating B Corp Month?

The theme for this B Corp Month is"Move Forward Together", so we're partnering up for exciting giveaways, events, and opportunities to connect with other purpose-driven businesses. We'll be hosting a giveaway on our instagram with Cubitts, joining up with Sipsmith to celebrate a new sustainable product launch, and hosting a B Local event at our shop for our fellow B corps.

So keep eyes on our social media channels. Get ready to join the movement, support fellow B Corps, and celebrate the power of positive change, together.

How can you support the B Corp movement?

Want to support your local B Corps?

  • Shop with purpose: Choose B Corp certified brands like ours! Look for the B Corp logo or visit directory websites to find businesses committed to social and environmental responsibility. This amazing map catalogues B Corps in the UK. Some of our favourites include SipsmithWUKA , CalenoY.O.UNix & Kix and Nespresso.
  • Share your B Corp discoveries with friends and family! Recommend brands you love and encourage them to join the movement.
  • Leave positive reviews: Your feedback helps B Corps shine! Share your experiences on social media and review platforms, highlighting the positive impact you're making with your purchases.
  • Engage with B Corp communities: Follow your favourite B Corps on social media, attend their events, and participate in campaigns. Stay connected and amplify their message.

Every conscious choice counts. By supporting B Corps, you're not just buying a product, you're investing in a better future for all.

2023 Impact Report



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