Stylish ways to stay warm this winter

Cold-weather fashion is one of the best parts of winter: the layering, the colours, the fun of finding a new favourite outfit for the season. 

Winter doesn’t mean hiding behind a puffer jacket for months; instead styling your outfit can be joyful as well as warm. 

How to layer winter accessories

The key to looking good and staying snug is through layering. We all know and love the feeling of peeling back coats, scarves and hats to reveal a thoughtfully curated outfit – but that doesn’t mean our accessories can’t help make up part of the ensemble. 

Start with a base

Of course, every good winter look needs a decent base. Wool and cotton are great for trapping heat and keeping you cosy and are breathable enough that you shouldn’t feel stuffy. 

A pair of tailored pants or some thick tights go great with a woollen jumper, for example. 

Best winter accessories to keep you warm and stylish

Then comes the fun part. A good quality trench coat is a great choice for staying warm this winter when paired with a base layer like a ribbed roll neck and cashmere sweater vest, and can be styled to suit your personality. 

The best scarves for winter 

A scarf is an absolute staple when the weather takes a cold turn. A woollen scarf is insulating and super soft against your skin, but can also be dressed up so you don’t have to sacrifice style to stay warm. 

A bright-coloured mohair scarf for example adds drama and flair, an oversized lambswool scarf is comforting and versatile, or to elevate your outfit for a luxurious feel wrap up in a cashmere scarf.

Stay stylish this winter with warm accessories

Hats and gloves are a must-have during winter. Whilst of course practical, outerwear accessories are a great way to showcase your style and add a pop of colour to your outfit. 

Plus, if you opt for a wool hat in a cashmere and merino blend, you’ve got the added warmth whilst keeping your head protected and cosy. Or, for an extra ooh la la moment opt for a hood or headband instead. 

Not forgetting our trusty gloves - match with your scarf and headwear for a cohesive look or mix colours and patterns for a maximalist feel. 

Warm socks for cold weather

It wouldn’t be fair to say we were dressed for winter from head to toe without covering our feet with some super soft cashmere socks

No matter how thick your boots are, a pair of socks is key to keeping us cosy and adding an extra soft touch to our outfits.