TBCo Looks Good on Ghenet Actually: Finding Happiness in Books & Baking

Ghenet lies on a Tartan Blanket Co. picnic blanket in Buchanan Antique Tartan
Welcome to our new TBCo Looks Good on You Series, a collection of interviews with inspiring people from all walks of life about what sharing warmth means to them. From favourite hobbies, to family gatherings, to trips around the world, join us as we find out what tiny things in life give us the same feeling as sitting by a fireside with a hot cup of tea!
    Today we are joined by London Lifestyle Content Creator, Ghenet Actually  who is telling us about her tiny joys and favourite things this season. 
    Ghenet sits on the couch with her hand raised, blocking the sunlight coming through the window. A Tartan Blanket Co. blanket is draped over the side of the chair.
    Tell us a little about yourself!
    Hello! I’m Ghenet (pronounced Ju-nay; ‘ju’ like jump) and I’m a big fan of being cosy. I’m from New York originally, but I’ve lived in London for 8 years now. I’m a digital content creator and digital marketing consultant for small businesses. I love cultivating slow joyful moments in my everyday life, whether that’s curling up with a book, cooking a nice meal or going exploring. I love taking photos; it’s not often you’ll find me without a camera in my hand! My downtime is often spent with my husband and our one-eyed cat Rex, or catching up with a pal over coffee and some cake!
    We know you love sharing your favourite reads, do you have any top book recommendations for us just now? 
    I do love to read and have done since I was a child. My mom always called me a voracious reader; I devour books. One thing that’s really important to me when it comes to books is that I’m reading diverse stories. So what have I read recently that I’ve loved? Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson,  The Paper Palace by Miranda Crowley Heller and Before The Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi are three I’ve loved. I’m also currently reading The Five Wounds by Kirstin Valdez Quade.
    Ghenet sits at her kitchen table, cup of tea in one hand, boiled egg in cup holder to her other side.
    What does the phrase ‘share warmth’ make you think of?
    It makes me think of something fresh from the oven. I love to bake and there’s something so joyful when it comes out. Whether it’s snickerdoodles (one of my favorite things to bake), a cake or even a warm meal like daal. I suppose that’s because my favorite thing about baking is being able to share it with people I love. I’ve been known to send friends baked goods in the post or drop boxes of cake on their doorsteps!
    We absolutely love the OOTDs on your Instagram, do you have any styling advice for those of us stuck in a bit of a jeans and t-shirt rut?
    One thing that’s really important to me is having a wardrobe that brings me joy and making sure I can get a lot of wear out of pieces. I do this thing I call the Three Outfit Rule (inspired by Aja Barber, who does a lot of work advocating for slowing down our consumption. Go follow her!). Basically, if I’m considering adding something to my wardrobe, I have to be able to make at least three outfits with it. If I can’t, I don’t buy or keep it. I also often take photos of the outfits I put together, which helps when I feel in a rut! I can look through those, or grab an item and just see what I can pair with it. Also, sometimes you just have to lean into the rut. I’m in jeans and a t-shirt as often as I’m in something else! There’s nothing wrong with that!
    Ghenet stands next to a dock by a loch, one hand on her hip, the other behind her head
    Do you have a favourite place that you have travelled to? If so, what was the best thing about it?
    My husband and I talk about this all the time. I think one of the coolest places I’ve ever been was Sardinia. We spent some time in Alghero and it was one of the loveliest holidays we had. Swimming in the sea, going for walks and watching the sun set, eating delicious food and great wine. It was an absolute dream and we want to get back there and do even more exploring!
    What three things would you take with you to a desert island?
    I would definitely bring a few books, or puzzles… something mindful that I enjoy. If anything were possible I’d bring an iPod (throwback!) with unlimited battery. Music is something I love and I have all sorts of playlists for various vibes. I’ve just started buying more vinyl and it's so nice just to put on some music and chill out. Just me, the sea and some tunes? Sounds like heaven! And the third thing? A big sun hat or some sunscreen. Always. 
    Do you have a favourite TBCo. product and what do you love about it?
    I really love the picnic blankets! I have two and they get a lot of use! I do love a picnic, even if I’m just on my own with a bag of crisps and a book. There’s something about sitting outside just enjoying the moment! I take them on country walks too so that my husband and I can sit outside to eat our lunch. I’ve also got several scarves which are always a favorite!
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