Meet The Perfect Blankets to Update your Home

Perfect blankets to update your home for 2024

Looking for a style refresh for your home? You don’t need to over-complicate things. Forget the paint swatches, messy sample patches and mood-boards. Make it easy. Just adding a touch of colour or a little texture in the form of a blanket can create the perfect finish to take your favourite space from blah to beautiful.

How to work the perfect blanket into your bed-scape

A colourful blanket in a minimalist neutral space can add warmth and a sense of joy. It draws the eyes in for all the right reasons. Alternatively, a well chosen colourful blanket in a more maximalist room, already decorated in bold colour choices, can pull the whole space together.

CHoose the perfect Blanket for your bedscape

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How to make a blanket switch-up your living space

Updating a whole living room can be super costly. Instead of laying out for a whole new sofa or suite, you can update your space by simply throwing just the right blanket in just the right place - making what you have already work better.

Choose the perfect blanket for your living space

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 Add texture to your room with a waffle weave blanket

Texture is key for 2024 interiors

Adding texture is a surefire way to create a luxurious layering scheme in your bedroom or living area. With a range of different-to-the-touch materials, a room can feel warmer and more cocooning. 'Bring warmth using layers of various throw blankets,' says Jade, Lead Design Specialist at TBCo, adding: ‘Our new Waffle Weave Blankets are the perfect finish on a bed, sofa or chair as a standalone throw. However, if you’re feeling like taking layering to the max then there is something quite wonderful in using a Waffle Blanket as a top layer over over a flatter weave blanket in a tone-on-tone colour scheme. Choose one of our Lambswool Blankets or one of our Recycled Wool Blankets to lay under waffle for that super-luxury effect.’

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