Natural and Sustainable Christmas Decorations: Interior Inspiration for Winter

Earthy and natural Christmas decor

Is there a better feeling than being snug and warm inside during winter? Enjoying the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights, the scent of your favourite candle filling the air, all while cosied up with a comfortable blanket and a mug of hot chocolate. Winter might bring with it colder temperatures and darker nights, which is why your home is your sanctuary during this season.

Natural Christmas decor ideas

A brisk winter walk allows for your daily dose of nature, but bringing the outside in is a great way to decorate your space for the festive period. Natural fibres, lots of textures and earthy colours add vibrancy and calm, all the while creating the perfect habitat for hibernation


Add warmth and texture to a room

Our favourite cold-weather companion has to be the ever-faithful blanket - bonus points if it’s made of a sustainable fibre such as wool or alpaca fleece. Mixing textures as part of your winter decor adds warmth to your room, especially when juxtaposed against harder materials like wood and tile. 

A soft furnishing piece can help pull a space together, whether through bold, bright colours that contrast with your existing decor or through traditional tartans that whisper ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year.’ 

The great thing about using blankets as your colour pop is that your tastes can evolve. It’s way easier to switch out a green blanket than it is to switch out a green couch.

Sustainable Christmas decor

Natural elements, like wooden Christmas ornaments placed throughout your holiday decor, cultivate a sense of raw beauty in the home over the festive period. Wood is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic decorations, so you know you’re doing the best for your planet as well as your living space. If you’re going for the rustic look this year, wood is an organic way to bring the outside in.

Make your own wreath

Christmas trees, wreaths and evergreen boughs are a time-honoured Christmas tradition which allegedly dates back to the ancient world, and who are we to change things up now? Evergreen foliage has its place in winter, and foraging for your own is the perfect winter activity (especially if it’s followed by mince pies and a brew). Use holly, mistletoe, pine and driftwood to construct your own wreaths or centrepieces, and decorate with dried fruit, baked orange slices and twinkle lights for a winter glow.

Bring joy into your home

With Christmas just around the corner, an organic and earthy festive design style is set to be in season - however, you decorate your home for the holidays, do it in a way that makes you happy. Winter can be a struggle, so your environment should be a joyful one filled with warmth, however that looks for you.