Mental Health Awareness Week: Little Tips that Make a Big Difference

The Tartan Blanket Co.

If you don’t count rain on a tin roof or the serotonin trap of snuggling with a puppy, there are few things more comforting than when someone looks you in the eye and asks, “Yes, but how are you really?” 

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK, a wonderful opportunity to check in with yourself and with others. In light of the pandemic and its impact on our lives, this year’s theme is loneliness. To learn more about this special week or be connected to some helpful mental health resources, visit

Here at TBCo., we checked in with our team and asked, “What are some ways you care for your mental health?

Top Mental Health Tips from the TBCo. Team

Some little things that make a big difference.

Amelia, Senior Content Specialist

Sometimes, I can have trouble going to sleep due to anxious thoughts, and I’ve found the same cure from childhood still works today: a bedtime story. I turn out the lights, turn on an audiobook or podcast, and replace my own thoughts with somebody else’s. It’s a great screen-free way to wind down. If you’re looking for recommendations, Mythologies, by Stephen Fry is a particularly great bedtime listen.

Shelle, Email Marketing Coordinator

When I'm feeling a little out of sorts and overly anxious I like to step away from all things digital and get outside. I’ve found that long walks with my greyhounds or what I like to call a ’twenties plenty’ run, whether that’s solo, enjoying a no-shame 90s playlist or with my favourite running group - WeRunEdinburgh, (if you’re in Edinburgh and love a social run, we’re your gals), it clears my head, readjusts my mood and I'm able to refocus on the good things.


Nic, PR and Events Specialist

When I feel my mind running away from me, I like to sit down with my watercolours and paint. The process alone is so soothing; and it doesn’t have to be the next Van Gough! Just the simple act of watching the fluidity of the paint on the paper, choosing colours that reflect my mood and seeing the finished product is super satisfying and brings a sense of peace. 

Julz, Ecommerce Coordinator

Baking allows me to switch off the busy and overwhelming thoughts of the day and zone into creating some baked treats. I put some music on and just get into the groove, in that moment the most important thing is all the steps I need to take to get my bakes right. I get lost in it and a sense of peace comes over me. For me, there’s nothing quite like sharing baked goods with friends and family.

Kirstie, Ecommerce Coordinator 

When I’m feeling a little overwhelmed I find that activities such as reading and drawing are best to decompress. Life moves pretty fast nowadays and slow living activities like these work wonders for me. Getting lost in a good book or focusing my mind on something creative lets me spend some good quality time with just myself.  

Ellie, Social Media Assistant 

Pat my hamster. 

Eirini, Warehouse Fulfilment Assistant Manager

I try to always leave time within the week to spend quality time with myself and allow me to relax, re-focus & de-stress. A relaxing bath, a new recipe, a long walk with my dog could just do the trick. I found it is important to understand what my mind & body needs and not be afraid to take on new things. Sometimes I need alone time, other times I need to be surrounded by people, nature, dogs, food. Listening to podcasts has been my favourite thing to do lately & it has led me to a whole new level of health awareness.

Kelsie, Junior Buyer

Depending on the time of year I try to get out into the garden every day. Whether I'm planting out some new purchases after work, spending half an hour weeding at lunch, or simply checking in on the veg that's on the go, being outside and surrounded by plants and wildlife helps me to feel grounded and gives me some breathing space to slow down and check in with myself. Not only does gardening provide me with an extensive list of mental health benefits (it's proven!) but also a steady supply of my favourite fresh flowers, a gorgeous space for an alfresco morning coffee and lots of yummy food - bonus! 

Claire, Buying Team Leader 

After just coming back from maternity leave, I’ve definitely struggled with the juggle of being a working Mum and my head has definitely felt a little fuller. I’ve learnt that prioritising ‘me-time’ isn’t selfish but essential to feel my best and give my all to my little boy and work. Me-time is usually exercise and fresh air, but also switching off with some trash TV is exactly what I need! 

We hope you've found some useful tips for keeping balanced and prioritising peace over pressure. To learn more about this special week or be connected to some helpful mental health resources, visit