Meet the TBCo x Amy Bell Collection

They say good things come in threes (and from Scotland), and we couldn’t agree more - especially when it comes to our TBCo x Amy Bell collaboration. After two sell-out collections, she’s back for a third time: after all, the third time’s a charm right? And our Amy is as charming as they come. 

Amy’s personality and style always shine through in her collections, so let’s meet the girl behind everyone’s favourite scarf collection, which Amy would sum up as cosy, Scottish, and a labour-of-love.

Meet Amy Bell 

“Well, howdy! If we haven’t had the pleasure of encountering one another yet, I’m Amy, formerly known as The Little Magpie (except in family situations where I’m very much still the magpie) and I’ve been taking up my little corner of the internet for over a decade (!) now.” 

“I’m truly honoured to be back working with TBCo again - it’s one of my favourite things to work on each year, and the TBCo team feels like family at this point. I am the world’s biggest scarf fan, so the opportunity to create my dream designs not once, but three times over is a total joy.” 

“I’ve loved every part of the process of this collaboration, it’s exciting to see the designs go from the digital magic mock-ups from the TBCo design dream team to the moment the postman knocks on the door and I get to see the samples in real life for the first time.” 

Meet the collection

“We always try to make a collection where there’s something for everyone, and the end goal is that we’ve got four scarves that you can pair with almost anything depending on how the mood strikes you!”

“The names are personal again this year. As it’s the year Rob and I got married - I’ve become a Soppy Susan and named two of the scarves after things related to us.”

“When we met we were sweet, innocent teens, and one of our early conversations revolved around the classic make-or-break question: “What’s your favourite colour? - Rob’s being green and mine being pink, so you’ll find those colours prominent in this collection.”

“We have The Dunnottar as an homage to where we grew up. The Napoleon is inspired by Napoleon Dynamite - one of the first films we watched together and that essentially went on to shape our whole personalities.”

“Our black and white checked scarf, however, could only have one name - and that’s The Spencer 2.0! This has been our most requested design to bring back over the years, so I’m hoping there’ll be a lot of happy faces at the sight of this one.”

“Finally, we have The Sweet Lassie Scarf, which is named in memory of my Uncle Jim. He was all for the abstract; and so, if colours were to represent him as a person, they’d be bold and bright, but still soft and serene to capture his being a champion of the Scottish wilderness. He was the maker of the world’s best nicknames too, so I present to you, The Sweet Lassie.”

Style your TBCo x Amy Bell scarf

“I’ll be pairing mine with woolly coats, trench coats, leather jackets and, knowing the UK, with big oversized puffer jackets.”

“Ever since my first collection I still wear all of my babies - sorry, scarves - and love them as much as the day we designed them.”

“I designed the collection by looking at my wardrobe and seeing what’s missing, what I’m enjoying, and what bits have stood the test of time over the years.”

“Friends and family will always send me a wee message or a sneaky photo when they see someone wearing a TBCo x Amy Bell scarf, so it’s a big communal rush.  I get so many ideas of different ways to wear them that I wouldn’t have thought of before. I have a little album saved in my phone and go back to pinch inspiration when I’m struggling!”

Shop the TBCo x Amy Bell Collection

Inspired by Amy’s life and loves, add warmth to your wardrobe or to your current Amy Bell collection. This year, as well as 2% being donated to charity as part of our Positive Impact Pledge, an additional 1% will be donated to Amy’s chosen charity.  Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS)