Meet Pretty Little Fawn

If there’s anything Courtney Halverson has taught us, it’s to be the main character in our own story. Courtney exudes the energy that turns coffee into a café date, errands into escapades and her timeless, classic and cinematic collection of lambswool scarves encapsulates this. 

Who is Pretty Little Fawn?

Meet Courtney, aka Pretty Little Fawn, the New York-based fashion blogger with a penchant for creating magical moments. She’s challenged her signature style of whimsical daydream and European flair into an exclusive collection for TBCo. 

“My name is Courtney Halverson and I’ve been creating content online in some way or another for about eleven years. I started blogging many years ago, and that’s since evolved into sharing not only my style, but my love of travel, my home, and my life in general online. 

“The name Pretty Little Fawn was one I chose to give a little distance from using my actual name, and I wanted readers to get a sense of coziness and comfort when visiting. It came from a time when everyone was sort of pairing words together to create online identities and for me, it just stuck!”

Creating magic through style

“My style has always been rooted in a love of neutrals and earth tones and a sort of timeless feeling; It is difficult to pinpoint exactly ‘when’ my content takes place. I tend to reach for classics over and over again, and while my style has evolved a bit as I’ve gotten older, in many ways it’s stayed the same and true to my love of all things timeless. 

“I bring that same feeling to the way that I share my content and always seek out locations that feel like they’re from another era, and since video is now the primary medium for my creation I’ve tried to also bring in a bit of cinema; I’ve worked as an actor for most of my life so for me it was a natural evolution to bring the world of my online creating together with my love of film.”

On creating a scarf collection

“I wanted to create a collection that would be wearable season after season and one that would feel at home in nearly anyone's wardrobe. I think the TBCo team did a beautiful job in helping me introduce some more unexpected elements, and kept it feeling fresh. There’s a bit of whimsy in the oversized fairisle print and the green reverse on the checked scarf makes it feel so unique.

“I’m originally from California and have only lived in a place with proper winters for about 2 years, so for me scarves are still this fun and new accessory. I personally love to use them to cover my hair and keep my ears snug, and as I’m usually in a trench coat in the cooler months, I find that scarves come in handy in adding a bit of personality back into your look on top of outerwear.

“I think the most exciting part of creating the collection has been seeing the evolution of the design process. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with and when I’d come up with ideas that seemed a bit tricky they were immediately excited to find a way to bring them to life. I think every step of the process has taught me just how much effort and how many people are involved and at the end of it all I’m just grateful that they put their trust in working with me. 

“In three words, I’d describe the collection as: warm, timeless, cozy.”