Meet Emma: TBCo CEO & Co-Founder

Meet Emma Macdonald, CEO and Co-Founder of TBCo.

Why did you start TBCo?

TBCo was started with the desire to create beautifully designed products whilst having a positive impact on people and the planet. 

Having started my career in fashion I had seen how, so often, doing the right thing was sacrificed for profits and I was determined to prove that things could be done differently. 

After living in London for a while, we moved back to Edinburgh and into our first home. It felt like there was a real lack of natural, sustainable, well-designed textiles for your home in the market and that’s how TBCo began with its first recycled wool blanket! 

Having experience working in fashion buying and merchandising gave me some great foundations for how to source, develop and cost products. My husband Fergus had started another online business, so he had all the knowledge about the website and operations involved in running a business. Then we started growing the team to fill in the gaps and eventually got much more talented people than us across all areas of the business.

How has TBCo changed through the years? And what do you have in mind for the future?

Much like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, TBCo has changed and evolved over the years to transform into the company it is today. We started out with a very basic website, some weird and wonderful products and a slightly confused message. Then over the years we have found our voice, our purpose and our design aesthetic. But like every person and business we are still on a journey and I can imagine in 10 years' time I will look back and reflect on how much further we have come. 

TBCo is a certified B-Corp which means we are part of the movement to make businesses a force for good. We will continue to measure and improve our positive impact on people and the planet as we grow. We hope to bring warmth through beautiful design to many more people around the world, whilst helping protect our planet. 

What's most important to you about TBCo?

TBCo is a purpose-led business with an incredible growing team, that embody and stay true to its values. As a company, we continue to evolve, to push boundaries and challenge how we can be better tomorrow. It has become much greater than the sum of its parts and its impact is more than I could ever have imagined.

At TBCo, I  want to bring beautiful design and warmth to people's lives, whilst helping create a better tomorrow for all. By shopping with TBCo you not only get something that brings physical warmth and comfort but also the mental comfort of knowing every aspect has been thought about with sustainability in mind, and that 2% of your purchase will go straight back to helping the planet and those in need. I want shopping with TBCo to be nothing but a positive experience and our impact to be nothing but positive too.