It’s Picnic Season!

A green and blue checkered picnic blanket laid out on the beach with watermelon slices, sunglasses, wine and wine glasses laid out on it.

Nothing says ‘warm weather’ more than eating picky bits from the supermarket and drinking something cold while sitting in the sun on your favourite picnic blanket

A picnic blanket isn’t something you throw on the ground while grabbing some grub outdoors, it’s a statement piece designed to elevate your outdoor experience whether it’s Glastonbury, Glyndebourne or everything in between. Gone are the days of a makeshift blanket made from an old towel we’re talking about - a picnic blanket really can be an extension of your outfit, personality, or style. 

A rolled up picnic blanket laying against some rocks on the beach

Of course, a TBCo picnic blanket is water resistant, dirt and odour repellant (thanks to its Recycled Wool twill weave) and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin, but they’re also sustainably sourced so you can picnic easy, knowing you’re doing your part to protect the environment. 

Picnic blankets with waterproof backing? We’ve got you covered.

A TBCo picnic blanket is a true outdoor essential. Each one is finished with water-resistant backing, and is made from Recycled Wool - a blend of 70% fibres made from recycled woollen garments, and 30% mixed recycled fibres - which makes them as good for you as they are for the planet. 

A purple-y picnic blanket lying on a beach

Your picnic blanket is even machine washable - how good is that!? Perfect for having spontaneous adventures without worrying about the weather. It only takes a picnic blanket to transform a beach, mountain or meadow into a spot for dining alfresco. 

TBCo Hot Tip: Use blankets in your garden for a blanqueting party with your nearest and dearest. We’d recommend a large picnic blanket for this for maximum comfort and maximum effect. 

Three images side by side, each depicting a different picnic blanket on a beach

Where to go on a picnic in Scotland

Half the fun of going for a picnic is finding the best place to lay down your blanket and enjoy the view - make any spot your spot, whether that’s between the trees of your favourite woodland walk or lounging underneath the sun on the beach. 

Although we are international superstars and ship globally, our HQ is here in Edinburgh, Scotland, and we have a few picnic spot recommendations up our sleeves.