Is it Good to Sleep on Wool? - The TBCo Team Find Out

lambswool blanket on a bed


A great night’s sleep: the elusive concept that we adults spend most of our lives searching for (or desperately trying to create). So, what is the key to better sleep? 

We wish we knew every secret in the book - but what we do have is pretty close, and that’s wool. For years, we’ve spoken to you about the benefits of sleeping with wool, and how it can help regulate your body temperature at night, leading to a deeper and better sleep.

Our Brand Stylist Chloe, who just so happens to be a certified Sleep Expert, says, “The materials making up your bedding play a huge role in the quality of sleep you are getting. 

“Natural materials such as cotton and wool possess inherent qualities that promote comfort and enhance your sleep. They are naturally breathable and can regulate your body temperature preventing overheating during the night. And their gentle and soft textures offer tactile comfort that allows you to relax for a less disturbed night's sleep. 

a woman using natural fibres for sleep

Of course, as dedicated TBCo team members we practised what we preached and many of us now use wool to help us find a more restful sleep.

So, we gathered a few very willing members of the TBCo team, made them sleep “more officially” with wool for a week, take some notes, and report back to you on how they use wool when they sleep. 

What we learned from swapping stories was that everyone sleeps differently, and also uses wool differently to help their sleep. 

We just had to share our findings for your own sleeping with wool adventures: inspired by real people, with real sleep habits!

Amelia- Content Specialist 

“I'm not naturally a great sleeper, so I try just about any sleep aid I can get my hands on. Which is another way of saying, I've tried lots of weird tiktok trends (here's looking at you tart cherry juice before bed). 

“I was already in love with wool because of my felted wool slippers. I don't think I've seen my own feet in years because I'm so obsessed with wearing them. Then I read some pretty cool articles like this one about how wool reduced lower chronic back pain for some people. 

“But most of all, Wookmark really won me over by explaining exactly why the anatomy of a wool strand is so incredible (nerdy scientific diagram included). 

“All this to say, switching over to sleeping with a lambswool blanket didn't disappoint, but it did take me a couple of nights to get into the new routine before I think I could feel a difference. 

“Depending on how lazy I'm feeling when I'm making my bed, I do it one of two ways: a lambswool blanket between my mattress and fitted sheet or a lambswool blanket between my top sheet and duvet. 

“Either way, I feel I sleep more deeply and wake up more rested when I use my lambswool blanket, probably because I'm not getting too hot or cold throughout the night.”

wool blanket on a bed to use for sleeping

Tasha - Social Media Strategist 

“I decided to give the whole sleep trial with wool a shot. I was a bit sceptical in the beginning as I am quite a warm sleeper but I was pleasantly surprised. 

“I ended up tossing my lightweight duvet on top of the wool blanket for some extra warmth and this became the perfect balance for me. 

“The days of the sleep trial went well although, full disclosure, I should've probably kicked my phone to the curb a good two hours before bedtime to nix that blue light stimulation. I should really work on a better sleep routine overall (sorry, Chloe). 

“Overall, lambswool ended up being my cosy, temperature-regulating best friend! You do need to try it out and find what works best for you. I haven’t taken the wool off my bed since!”

Ellie - Social Media Coordinator 

“Before doing the “official” sleep trial, I used my lambswool blanket all winter on top of my duvet, and boy did it make a difference! I didn't use my heating at night last winter, and the wool was honestly amazing at insulating my duvet and in the end I couldn't sleep without it. 

“I even had an inside joke with my partner about how I had to take it everywhere with me comfort-blankie style! 

“Using it in the summer was different, as I slept with just the lambswool blanket inside of a cotton duvet cover so I was using a mix of natural materials (something I picked up from our blog on sleeping in heat!). 

“I must admit my first night was a bit rocky, I am so used to sleeping with something weighted! However, as my body got used to the lighter weight of the blanket, my temperature really started to even out and I ended up sleeping really well. 

“Added bonus: that feeling you get when you climb into bed with freshly changed sheets? It kinda felt like that every night with my lambswool! 10/10 would recommend.”

wool blanket draped on a bed

Nic - PR & Events Specialist

“If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I love sleep. It’s a ‘risk everything for five more minutes in bed’ kind of love. So, as you can imagine, getting ready for bed goes beyond routine and into a ritual for me - and part of that nighttime ritual involves a woollen blanket. Working at TBCo has its perks, after all. 

“For me, the hour before going to sleep is all about relaxing and peace - so turning my phone on DND, switching the tv for a book and of course getting into my TBCo pyjamas. Once I’m ready to turn in for the night, the lights go off and the wool comes out. 

“I keep a Recycled Wool Blanket at the end of my bed at all times. I’m one of those people who needs to be covered when sleeping no matter what the season - I can’t have those monsters under my bed (see: my cat) nibbling my toes during the night. 

“So in summer, my blanket acts as the perfect layer to keep me just cosy enough that I can sleep peacefully, and in the winter I add it as an extra layer on top of my duvet to keep me toasty and warm. 

“I find that if my body temperature is just right, I fall asleep faster and there’s less tossing and turning. I find the thickness of Recycled Wool to be just right for me, but can sometimes be a bit scratchy. 

“But overall, if it helps me further my avid hobby of napping and sleeping, I can’t complain.”

Intrigued? Try sleeping with wool for yourself! All you need to do is grab yourself a blanket and brush up on your sleep tips. You’ve got this.