5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Sitting on the couch with a hot drink | Practice self care this Valentine's Day

This year, Valentine’s Day is naturally going to look a lot different. Our advice on making February 14th romantic? Don’t. This is your year. Skip the virtual valentine’s dinner via zoom, give heart shaped balloons a miss and instead, spend the evening taking care of you. Snuggle under a blanket, grab that book you’ve been meaning to read, light all the candles and embrace the small comforts that come with putting yourself first.

Let’s spend Valentine’s Day taking care of ourselves and embrace the little joys that come from choosing to spend time with yourself. Isn’t that a lovely thought? On the most romantic day of the year, extend some of that same love - love you give to so many others - towards yourself. The Tartan Blanket Co. is here to guide you on how to practice self-care this Valentine’s Day.

Make self-care your Valentine’s gift

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t calling for a total boycott of Valentine’s Day, especially not the chocolates. We like romance just as much as the next person (snuggling our pups totally counts) but at TBCo. we know that if anyone deserves to be treated every once in a while, it’s you - especially after this past year. So, grab a brew and a blanket and get ready for some self-care this Valentine’s Day.

 Sitting on the sofa with a Tartan Blanket Co. blanket | practice self care this Valentine's Day

Reconnect with yourself

There’s nothing more rewarding than spending time doing something that you really love. Crack open some popcorn and get comfy with your favourite film, dust off your brushes and paint along with a Bob Ross tutorial, or get comfy with a blanket and get lost in a book that’s been sitting on your shelf for what seems like forever. Dedicate time to practices that soothe your soul.

Be present in the moment

Quite often we can get distracted with work, chores, Instagram etc – but make it a priority to enjoy little pockets of happiness throughout the day, as and when they come. Make note of things you experience, like the heat of your morning brew or the breaks in the clouds allowing a sliver of warm sunlight through. Remember, life is full of little joys and the world seems so much brighter when we take the time to notice them.


Woman sat reading a book by a window with a Tartan Blanket Co. blanket | practice self care this valentine's day

Allow yourself little luxuries

In the cold winter months, there really is nothing better than soaking in a hot bubble bath, surrounded by scented candles and indulgent chocolates. For an added layer of luxury, snuggling underneath a lambswool blanket is sure to do the trick - after you’re out of the tub, of course. Luckily, our Self Care Package includes everything you need to properly pamper yourself. Indulge a little this Valentine’s Day. Go on, you deserve it.

Get your body moving

This Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, meaning we can make the most of those precious sunlight hours. Bundle up in your favourite scarf and your woolliest hat and enjoy a stroll in the winter sunshine. Not the weather for it? No problem! We aren’t going to suggest something as brutal as a home workout for Valentine’s Day, but instead why not put on a playlist filled with cheesy valentine’s songs (we’ve got you covered on this one) and throw some shapes in your kitchen? Bonus points if you get your pets to join in.

Dis-engage with technology

Hear us out. We love social media, but how often do we find ourselves, an hour after we picked up our phone, scrolling through our sister’s friend’s cousin’s dog’s Instagram page? There’s no denying that Waggles the Cockapoo is adorable, but remember, this Valentine’s Day belongs to you and spending quality time doing the things you enjoy. We’ve been learning that creating boundaries around your time and how you use it is one of the greatest acts of self-respect and self-love.

Tartan Blanket Co. Valentine's Day Gift Box including a scarf or blanket, gift card, chocolate, a white mug with a heart and hot chocolate.

Sharing warmth, from afar

Although we’re all about self-care this February, we’re also here to help you find a perfect gift for your loved one. Our Valentine’s Day Gift Box is carefully curated with thoughtful little treats that are perfect for sharing with that special someone. Plus, they’ll get their own TBCo. super soft blanket or scarf, (and one you can totally steal, too!). In a time where being close to the people you love is difficult, make a choice to share warmth from afar this Valentine’s Day.

Close up of Valentine's Gift Box little luxuries including bath products, hot chocolate and marshmallows, and a two-tone ombre mug.

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